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2017 League Information


Written by: League Administrator
Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thanks to all that attended the community coordinator meeting on Wednesday, February 8th. The notes from that meeting are below, and key documents that were handed out can be found in the download section on the right side of the main page. Key dates that were mentioned at the meeting and are in the notes below include:

March 10 - Team registration deadline

March 29 - MMPL team scheduling meeting in Mason

May 1 - MMPL games may start

July 4th - MMPL games are completed (by this date)

July 7th - MMPL end of season tournament begins


Community Coordinator Meeting notes - 2/8/17


  • Don Johns, league president
  • Introduced to Mason board members

2017 MMPL Organization and League Overview

  • Overview of the age divisions and leagues (fall ball) we provide

Big Time Photography

  • Worked with us for a number of years
  • Handouts packets provided

Dick's Partnership and Discount Days

  • Overview of sponsorship opportunities they can provide - tournaments, etc…
  • Website, fan-wear, uniforms
  • Discount Days - 20% off most items March 18-19.Second date TBD.

Team Registration Process and Fees

  • Form provided - need one for each team
  • 10/12/14 A - open, travel teams, B - most competitive community teams…E/F/G - rec teams
  • 9/11/13 A - top bigger communities, B - smaller communities
  • Same fee
  • Rule changes:
    • Ejections - ejection from a game will result in suspension for the next game (minimum) - coaches, players, parents
    • 14U - move to bat everyone and require 2 innings of playing in the field
  • March 10 team registration deadline to Jeff Johnstone - forms and payment
  • 16U teams registration will be due later since they start later

Division Formation and Scheduling Process

  • Back to a 12 game season based on majority feedback received at previous coordinator meeting
  • Divisions attempted to organize both geographically and competitively in (ideally) 7 team divisions

Team Rosters

  • Teams will be required to send in a team roster prior to their first game that can be posted to our site for accountability of legal players

MMPL Website

Score Reporting

  • Same as last season, document posted on the site - includes pictures
  • See Ryan Davis from Mason at the scheduling meeting - once the teams are entered into the system we will assign an ID/PW for those teams
  • Prefer one contact point with each community and us - communicating with all of the coaches in each community can complicate things as we aren't sure who should have access to what

PONY Affiliation and Tournament Information

  • Recommended to those communities interested
  • Overall schedules for each division made available at the meeting

2018 PONY Changes

  • Age cutoff moving from April 30th to August 31
    • Some discussion undergoing at PONY, but this is still on schedule for 2018 as far as we know
    • We've communicated our concerns with PONY…if you have concerns, contact PONY
  • Bat rules
    • Changes are coming, will need a new stamp starting in 2018
    • Will need a USA Baseball stamp to be considered legal
    • Current understanding is that all bats currently for sale will not be allowed in 2018.Supply of legal bats is coming…earliest date Dick's Sporting Goods is hearing is beginning of September 2017.
    • Trying to emulate wood bats
  • Pitching rules
    • Pitch count instead of innings pitched will dictate the amount of rest a pitcher needs.
    • Pushed by Major League Baseball
    • Player can remain in the game at another position - just can't pitch
    • Left up to the league to implement
    • MMPL is proposing that teams track their own pitch count and have ump or coach initial it - either in a book or pitch log.We would like to track innings pitched this season as a way to prepare for next season and have a chance to see what might work.
    • Suggestion: link to Gamechanger app on MMPL website - can track game, including pitch count
    • Note: High school teams will be communicating pitch count as they go out to coach bases each half inning.Coaches also will note ineligible pitchers on the lineup card.

Insurance, Coaching Application, Background Checks

  • Asking communities to send in proof of insurance with their team registration
  • We require and suggest coaching applications and especially background checks
  • Concussion training as well.
  • We can share these information with you on how we do this - reach out to us

MMPL Tournament

  • Start July 7th, seek to end July 15th
  • These are our dates…seek to have it done as quickly as possible while being fair to the teams
  • Fowlerville: Shortening the time is only a benefit
  • We want to end this before the statewide PONY tournament to allow for teams to attend both
  • Costs to the teams playing is the cost of 1 umpire for each game and 2 baseballs for each game
  • Suggestion: only lock up one weekend and commit to finish before a second weekend so teams can travel more

Umpire and Field Issues

  • Don Hamilton: rules suggestions, comments, complaints - reach out to Don Hamilton with these things - email and phone number available on website.
  • Will hold a meeting in March and clinics in April(ish) - umpires from other communities are welcome to attend.Bob and Chuck Barrett will help put it on, good opportunity for umpires to learn and get better - especially young guys.
  • We follow MLB rules then PONY rules, then our own addendums.
  • Umping shortage nationally…we seek to get young kids in…professionalism and courtesy from coaches and parents go a long way towards bringing them back.
  • 2 umps are required at 9U and above - 1 at 8U Kid Pitch.Contact us if/when you see this happening incorrectly.
  • PONY certification is not required but suggested.Everyone should at the very least look like an umpire.

Winter workouts

  • Open and available to players on all league teams
  • Informational handouts made available with pricing, times, and location

Coaches clinic

  • Sorting out details of when, but targeting mid-April
  • Coaching techniques, how to run a practice

Key Dates to Remember

  • March 10th - Team Registration forms due
  • March 28th - Scheduling Meeting
  • Finish season by 4th of July

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